The Wyatt Ranch  is a small hobby farm started by the Wyatt's in the late 90's as a fun venture to enjoy our horses & critters. Having ridden primarily trotting horses until then, we fell into a love of trail riding and showing the much smoother gaited Spotted Saddle Horse after riding a friends Spotted Saddle Horses in 1994. We led a dual household of gaited and non-gaited horses, enjoying the best of both words in the barrel arena and the RHBAA, SMHA and SSHBEA show ring. It wasnt long when we realized that there was no need for 2 types of horses, that one good gaited horse could handle all occasions. Amazed by their disposition, smooth gait, versatility and added bonus of color we fell in love and haven't looked back.

  On our 30 acre farm we have decided to share our passion and offer hand picked gaited horse of ALL non-trotting breeds to the public. "Smooth and fun" is the goal no matter how the hooves fall. We have had Pasos, Appalachian Singlefooters, Racking, Walking, Tigres, Walkaloosas, Rocky Mountains, Spotted Mountains and other smooth gaited breeds grace our pastures. In addition to horses we have a small herd of miniature cattle that we absolutly adore & love to play with!

  We DO NOT sell horses or livestock to make our living, it is truly a hobby and we enjoy matching people up with true horse "partners" and animals a family can enjoy. Sale volume is small, as horses are hand picked and brought in from homes and farms all over the eastern seaboard. They are evaluated and rated on their individual merits by us personally and no aspect is rushed or overlooked. 

  If your a first time horse owner or an expert rider, there is a gaited horse for you. The gift of a gaited horse is one that has allowed a lot of would be non-riders to once again get back in the saddle despite severe pain and discomfort found in riding a trotting horse. The smooth gait can get children to be more comfortable in their horse education, and a flashy mover can excite ANY rider! They can do almost anything, from excel in cattle work, run a jumper course, do dressage and/or drive to just name a few. Irregardless of the breed, the gaited horse usually has a wonderful "aim to please" attitude, and the variety of breeds, gait, size, build and color are endless.

  Cruise the pages and see what we have available. Being that we are true "horse" lovers first and foremost, the occasional Quarter Horse, Paint and even a TB or two can sometimes be found for sale at our farm.

We have fun with our horses, cattle and sheep and we hope we can share great experiences with you.

Enjoy, and let us know if we can help you fulfill your dream ....
Liz Wyatt
C 910.389.4027

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